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The start of the year 2000 will be heralded by a series of celebrations, and occupying a prominent place among them will be the tall ships competition organized by the ISTA, in which crews from all over the world are invited to take part.

Southampton and Genoa, two of the most prestigious and traditional ports, will be the simultaneous starting points. The ships will then meet in the three-thousands-year-old city of Cadiz before setting off on the Atlantic regatta, with ports of call at the Bermudas, Boston, Halifax (Canada), and finalizing their voyage in Amsterdam, a city deeply rooted in navigational history.

It was from the shores of Spain that the most intrepid Atlantic explorers of ancient times set sail, and from where, at the start of the Modern Age, the Americas were discovered and sailors first set out to circumnavigate the globe. As the King of that nation, I send my best wishes and congratulations to those involved in the organization of this unique event.

As a sailing enthusiast, I would like to encourage the participants, especially the younger ones, to embark on this adventure in a spirit of healthy competition, thereby cultivating not only their seafaring experience but also mutual understanding and sincere friendship between nations, which is the best manner of ushering in a new millennium.

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